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Design, build, and maintain trails that increase outdoor recreation opportunities and health benefits for every community, optimize user experience, and minimize impact using creative solutions and aesthetic craftmanship.​​

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We offer a variety of services for all aspects of the trail planning process. Whether you are just getting started and need a feasibility study, in the final stages of construction and need help with signage, or are looking to form a maintenance plan, we have you covered.



We work tirelessly with each client to develop a relationship that will help turn their vision for a project into reality. By spending adequate time with our clients, and conducting thorough site assessments, we get to know projects intimately, which we believe is the key for optimal design.



We use years of experience and our ever-evolving skillset to construct trails that fit into the environment around it, minimize impact to the property, and are optimized for the target user group. This is achieved through a variety of sustainable trail building methods using hand tools, small machines such as excavators, rock armoring, and various drainage features.



The key to creating great trail experiences is to implement a solid maintenance plan. This is achieved by identifying and rectifying problem areas before they become larger issues. We have 20 years of construction experience with 15 years specifically related to erosion control and heavy equipment operation. We have an intimate knowledge of why trails erode and how to combat it.

For more information about the services we offer, feel free to give us a shout

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 The Team


Jeff Gannon


Jeff Gannon is a lover of all things outdoors. It was his passion for creating opportunities for trail and his love of riding single track that sparked ATS into existence. Jeff has 15+ years’ experience in machine operating and excavating as well as variety of different types of construction. With over 30 years of whitewater kayaking experience, Jeff has an incredible understanding of water flow. His specialization in erosion control during his later excavating years, adds astounding value to his conception of trail design. He values efficacy and efficiency in all areas of his life and this deeply impacts every aspect of how he designs, builds, and maintains trail. In his free time, you can usually find him on a trail or river somewhere sharing his love of the outdoors with his family and friends.



Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area

 2019  Our first "real" build. ATS was contracted by The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas to build a 6-mile multi-use trail system on the 370-acre natural area in western Pulaski County. The trail system includes a 1.5 mile hiking trail to beautiful views of Lake Maumelle and Pinnacle Mountain, as well as intermediate and expert technical single-track optimized for mountain biking. The trails are a mix of contour flow, machine built single-track, hand built single track, and cedar boardwalks and bridges over boggy areas and creeks. The Natural Area is the most visited preserve owned by The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas, seeing over 42,000 visitors yearly.

CLIENT: The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas

CONTACT: Mitchell Allen - Recreational Use Project Manager, (501) 772-6760


Bluffton Preserve

Bluffton Preserve is a Nature Conservancy of Arkansas Property located in Van Buren county just north of Clinton Arkansas. ATS partnered with TNC to build 7 miles of multi-use trail on this nearly 1000 acers property. In those 7 miles you will find breathtaking views, great hiking, and everything from beginner to advanced mountain bike optimized trail.

CLIENT: The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas

CONTACT: Mitchell Allen - Recreational Use Project Manager, (501) 772-6760

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